Doctoral Consortium IVA 2013: 28th August 2013: Call for Participation

Thirteenth International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents

August 29-31st Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


The IVA 2013 Doctoral Consortium will be held on the 28th August 2013. PhD students working in the area of intelligent virtual agents are encouraged to attend. The Doctoral Consortium will enable participants to share experiences, compare approaches, discuss future research problems, and receive feedback from peers and established researchers.


Doctoral Consortium Outline

10.00   Arrival, poster viewing & coffee

10.30   Paper Session 1, feedback from peers and established researchers

11.30 Coffee

11.45 Paper Writing: tips and hints from the Chair of IVA

13.00 Lunch & poster viewing

14.00 Paper Session 2 and feedback from peers

15.00 Contribution and Impact: how to pitch your research

15.45 Coffee

16.00 Panel Session & discussion

Finish: 17.00



The cost of attending the doctoral consortium is £20.


SICSA (Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance) will be providing financial support towards travel and registration costs up for up to 12 students studying at Scottish Universities.


Submission guidelines and instructions


Submissions should be well organized and structured to demonstrate the links between the concepts presented. They should clearly specify the:

  • Challenge, problem and/or gap that the participant’s research is addressing and how this fits into the bigger picture
  • Aims and objectives of the research
  • Approach / methodology to achieve the objectives and implementation, including a brief description of work done so far and a tentative plan for future work
  • Main contribution of the research to the IVA community



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